***Updated May 15th, 2022!  We are VERY behind on messages, but will get back to everyone as soon as we get the chance!***

Please contact us if you have questions about any of the currently listed kittens as it does change quickly and we don't always have time to update the website.

Please contact us directly to see if kittens listed are still available!

We can create any color of Ragdoll depending on the litter. Seal, Blue, Red, Chocolate, Lilac & Cinnamon in Traditional, Mink, Sepia, Solid, Tortie, Mitted, Bicolor, Colorpoint, Lynx and Torbie!

Blue Mitted Sepia Girl

Reserved for Nathalie

Traditional Seal Tortie Colorpoint Girl


Seal Sepia Colorpoint Girl

Reserved for Scott

Seal Sepia Mitted Tortie Girl


Seal Mink Tortie Colorpoint Girl

Pending for Nataleagh

Seal Mink Lynx Colorpoint Girl


Chocolate Mitted Mink Lynx Boy w/Blaze


Blue Mink Lynx Colorpoint Girl


Seal Mink Colorpoint Boy

Reserved for Dylan

If you don't see something you like, please call or text Amy at (515) 370 - 0971 or e-mail us at [email protected] We are much more responsive to emails and texts, but it will likely still take us a few days to respond as we have a lot of inquiries.  We don't always have time to upload pictures of kittens to our website before they are gone!